Vanished in the Valley

Oakland based podcast that discusses everything from missing people to CoNsPiRaCy ThEoRiEs to Government fuckery. Instagram Banned but back at it.

Vanished Refresher on Deagel, Nordsream and the CIA, and VIPedophiles

September 30th, 2022

In this episode Athena talks about the bleak predictions that were on the website but now can only be found on the web archive. Link provided below. We also talk about a wikispooks page called VIPedophile and we go over several different pedophiles in high positions within the world's governments who have been embroiled in child abuse cases, yet most of them were not brought to justice. We go over some of the UK governments latest data dump on the horrifying rise of child deaths associated with the jab and cover the HPV jab and its history of making young girls go into menopause.

Vanished Breaks Down some Updates, Missing411 and Sherri Pappini

September 20th, 2022

In this week's episode, Athena gives several updates on past topics. We also give you guys the latest stats on the "unexplained" all cause mortality increases. We cover a bunch of Canadian fuckery as well talk about a story straight out of Redding, CA about the kidnap hoaxer herself, Sherri Pappini


Canadian govt in Hazmat suits poison a river video

Vanished Investigation into the September 11th Attacks

September 15th, 2022

In this episode, Athena goes over the various conspiracy theories surrounding the Sept. 11th attacks in the US. We cover some of the possible suspects as well as break down a report made by Project for the New American Century which came out one year before the attacks.

Vanished takes a Trip into the Deep State, Murdered Journalist Jeff German

September 8th, 2022

In this episode Athena gives a background on the modern Deep State. We give some examples of false flags carried out by the deep state as well as talk about people who were murdered shortly after calling them out. We also talk about Jeff German, the last investigative journalist looking into the Las Vegas shooting.

Vanished Calls out the Canadian Blood Suckers and a Heather Cameron Refresher Course

August 31st, 2022

In this episode, Athena calls out a Canadian doc that (conveniently) all Canadian MSM forgot to tell the Canadian public about his $2M in pay from Pfizer. Don't think we left the Americans out because we also cover how the US govt also paid millions of dollars to all the MSM bitches in the states to promote the Cabobo shot. We finally get to the Heather Cameron case and who is most likely guilty of making Heather vanish from the Earth on Aug 18 2012. Here's looking at you, Daniel Lunsby.

Vanished and the CERN Conspiracy Theories, SSRI Garbage and All Cause Mortality

August 22nd, 2022

In this episode, Athena breaks down a few conspiracy theories that have been floating around about CERN for several years. We also talk about official UK govt numbers that show the vaccinated are dying at higher rates than the non vaccinated in "all cause mortality. We cover a newly released study that confirms what doctors and researchers have known for years about SSRI drugs, they don't work.


CERN "fake" human sacrifice video
Gotthard Tunnel Luciferian opening ceremony

UK govt data of all cause mortality

Vanished Reports of Clinical Trials, WEF Fuckery and Alien Mutilations

August 18th, 2022

In this episode, Athena breaks down the difference in reporting of publicly funded clinical trials and trials conducted by private companies. You'll hear the story of a man who was a test subject back in 2013 who claims out of 200,000 participants in said trial, only 5 are still alive. Below is a link to his tiktok page where you can see the scars on his body and hear what he has to say about privately funded clinical trials. We also talk about the WEF hiring 110,000 "information warriors" to basically go around the internet and shill for Klaus Schwab. We have a crazy alien mutilation story out of Brazil and links to see pics of the mans destroyed body. We also cover NYT giving Dr. Mercola even more credibility than he already had.


Lastly, Redding peeps...send me that Heather Cameron info!



EDIT: He has been banned from tiktok!

Professor Randell's tiktok

Pics of a possible alien mutilation victim

Vanished Scientist who Created the Syntergic Theory, Dead Canadian Docs and a Parent’s Fury

August 9th, 2022

In this episode Athena breaks down a declassified CIA document written by Dr. Jacobo Grinberg, who theorized we are living in a holographic matrix. We also hear an audio clip of a furious father dressing down the pharmacist that gave his son the cabobo jab, resulting in myocarditis. We also talk about the 14 doctors from Canada that have recently died after getting a cabobo booster. Athena also asks the listeners in Redding, CA to help her contact Daniel Lunsby regarding the "disappearance" of Heather Cameron.



Vanished Tells the Whistle Blower’s Death Knell, Hitler in Argentia and more Cabobo Nonsense

August 1st, 2022

In this episode, Athena talks about how dangerous it is to become a whistle blower. We also cover the CIA and FBI declassified docs regarding Hitler escaping to Argentina after WW2. We talk about more Cabobo-19 studies that have been suppressed by Big Pharma shills and how this has probably cost the lives of millions of women across the planet.


Vanished Reports on the Genocidal Baby Die-Off, Reno Gun Show and Monkey Pox

July 25th, 2022

In this episode, Athena breaks down info from Pfizer's own internal docs that show they as well as certain FDA officials KNEW the BioNtech Cabobo-19 shot was extremely dangerous for pregnant women. We also talk about a NIH funded study that links post COVID vaccination and herpes outbreaks that resemble Monkey Pox. Athena also talks about her shit show weekend at the Reno Gun Show and at the Atlantis hotel in Reno and she warns other females about the dangers of staying in hotel rooms. We also put a call out to our Redding ppl, in hopes of being put in touch with Daniel Lunsby of Heather Cameron infamy.

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