Vanished in the Valley

Oakland based podcast that discusses everything from missing people to CoNsPiRaCy ThEoRiEs to Government fuckery. Instagram Banned but back at it.

Vanished Back into the Ahnenerbe

October 25th, 2021

P.2 Proekt Prion


 In this bonus episode, we continue the deep dive into a 1980s classified Soviet Document that covers what the Nazi think tank called the Ahnenerbe, discovered from ancient Tibetan and Egyptian documents. The soviet report covers Earth's history from it's formation billions of years ago up until the present time. The Ahnenerbe describe the precursor races to the Atlanteans and modern humans. They also go into what the purpose of the pyramids were and who built them. Future Armageddon is also described in great detail.

Vanished Memory of the Beginning of Time, The Ahnenerbe

October 21st, 2021

P.1 Proekt Prion


This week Athena attempts to break down an alleged 1980's Russian NKVD report on what the Nazi controlled science wing called, the Ahnenerbe, found in ancient texts in Lhasa Tibet in the late 1930's. The Nazi scientists believed they'd found the answers to the question of where humans came from. The document goes on to explain how and why the Earth has pyramids built in strategic locations but that's a story for another day. Get ready to go deep into the rabbit hole on this one...100%

Vanished Sanity in a Not so Satanic Murder

October 14th, 2021

In this episode, Athena talks about Moises Meraz-Espinoza and the not so satanic murder of his mother. We also end up back at Fort Hood this week to talk about Spc. Maxwell Hockin and his death Oct. 9th, on base. There is also a missing woman named Courtney Bryan last seen in Redding or Shasta-Trinity National Forest that gets covered.

Vanished Says Goodbye, the Game Up and G.A.Ls

October 7th, 2021

In this episode Athena talks about Side Kick Ken and his recent death. We also go over the latest $cIeNc3 on the jab. There is an update on the St. Louis County, Missouri circuit court case of Angela Freiner and her daughter Dalilah. Here is a link to the entire story by Megan Fox of PJ Media:

Vanished and Forbidden Archeology

September 23rd, 2021

In this episode Athena talks about the many objects found in various archeological excavations through out human history documented by author Michael Cremeo, who wrote the book Forbidden Archeology.We also cover how and why the information from primary sources gets censored from most other sources.

Vanished and the Ship of Death

September 16th, 2021

In this episode, Athena talks about a ship found in the 1940s with all of the crew dead. We also cover missing woman Gabby Petito. If you want to know more about the Ship of Death, I got a lot of my info from an article from Go check it out, they have a lot of really cool stuff on their site.

Vanished Line in the Sand

September 9th, 2021

On this episode Athena talks about medical freedom, federal mandates on employers, drawing a line in the sand and being sick of the psy-op. There is also a Wi Spa update and an update about a Wilton, CA child sexual predator. We also talk about the recall vote on the Gavman himself, Gavin Newsom, which takes place on Sept. 14 2021. An Inter-dimensional Bigfoot- Kamala Harris also may make a small appearance.

Vanished Conversation About Chester Bennington

September 7th, 2021

This week Athena and guest Garrett talk about Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell and some other celebrities that were all working in one way or another to combat sex trafficking. All these celebrities also ended up with a belt around their neck and a doorknob. We go into the rabbit hole on this one. Have fun with that

Vanished Memory of Big Bad Pharma

September 2nd, 2021

In this episode Athena talks about some recent conspiracy facts related to many different pharmaceutical companies. We also talk about the recent resignations over at the FDA and some Fauci Fuckery.

Vanished Revisits Bakersfield Three, Texas Animal Attack Mystery

August 26th, 2021

In this episode Athena gives some very interesting and surprising updates on the Bakersfield Three case. We also talk about a mysterious animal attack in Texas that the Hood County Sheriff's office said was the first mountain lion attack fatality in Texas history. Many animal experts disagree that a mountain lion was even at the scene. We also have some FDA fuckery thrown in for you guys at the end. Oh joy!

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